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of this evening's talking points memo. survey done by politico and george washington university asked 1,000 likely voters about the current state of politics and the media in the u.s.a. the results may surprise you. first, 45% strongly disapprove of the job president obama is doing. 35% strongly approve. but personally, this situation is reverse. 47% of likely voters say they
temperatures to talk about under the clear sky. 63 at national airport. mid-50s in prince george's. much of fairfax county. of of montgomery county. low 50s. loudon and frederick, as well as into northern virginia. weather watchers reportg only near 50. west of the blue ridge, a little bit warmer. winchester, 58. rural areas, only in the 40s to near 50. eastern shore, mid-50s under a clear sky. lots of sunshine as high pressure is moving in. highs reaching near 80. tomorrow, increasing clouds. blustery, southerly wind should warm us to the low to mid-80s. needed rain thursday night. dry friday into the weekend. how is your traffic now, jerry? >> certainly picking up volume. 95 nkd through the enter changes. northbound traffic, left side of your screen. overnight road wrk southbound. right now southbound is doing okay northbound to the capital beltway. let's head over and update you on 270. the good news is it's not as bad as it appears along 270 as you round the bend. just a little volume. travel lanes open. metro and vre are okay. brunswick 870 is 12 minutes behind schedule. we'll keep
>>> good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's wednesday, september 29th. and this morning, flood warning. tropical weather set to bring heavy downpours from florida to new england over the next 48 hours. some places have already had a foot of rain. sam is on the flood watch. >>> also breaking, the radical cleric connected to the recent failed terror plots here in the u.s. is reportedly resurfacing. does it mean more attacks? brian ross has the latest on the new threats that have authorities on high alert. >>> true confession. this woman claimed to be the victim of that vicious acid attack. for the first time, we learn why she planned this hoax and burned her own face. >>> and too many wives? police investigate the family in the reality show "sister wives." one man, four women, and 16 children. will going public send the family to court? >>> good morning. >> good morning. 4 wives, 16 kids? >> maybe they should have thought about that before going on tv. >> the show's going to go on, they say. we're going to have that in our
chairman. with 90% of the precincts reporting, kwame brown has 59% of the vote. >> prince george's county voters cast their ballots to replace outgoing county executive jack johnson. rushern baker worldwide margin against his closest competitor mike jackson. brad bell spent the night at baker's celebration. >> in the middle of the six flags amusement park. a picture is better than a thousand words. prince george's county executive candidate rushern baker celebrating on this day. at 11:30 last night he claimed victory in the race for county executive over share of mike jackson. this has been an interesting race of two high-profile, well- funded candidates. they felt perhaps mike jackson a couple too many controversies surrounding the sheriff's department. baker has campaigned for change and he said in his acceptance speech that change is what you'll bring to the county. >> i think the people have spoken. [applause] i think the message is loud and , it isprince george's time to a medical good county great. [applause] >> this is just the primary. is an overwhelmingly democratic county. we un
. >>> and the results are streamingrom another tough race in prince grge's county. baker is leading for prince george's county executive, but by how much? good morning and welcome backo news 4 today. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, the 15th day of september, 2010. let's take a live look outside right now. still dark but a nice moing. and jumping jupiter is in the sky to join us today. if you see jupiter jumping, please give us a call. it will replace our lead story. >> bright spot in the western sky. a lot of people saying what is that? it better not b it is jupiter. our largest gas planet the solar system. it is certainly bright in the western sky. at this hour we have a clear skies. 64 in washington. just outside the beltway, it's only in the 50s in most locations. 40s in the mountains eastern shore. away from the waters. right ne the tidewater, 60s. thanks to another area of high pressure that's moved in and is in place will give us plenty of suhine today. but a mild afternoon. low humidity. highs reaching low 80s. increasing clouds. small chance of needed rain. drying out onthursday. if
of the matter. u.s. middle east envoy's george -- middle east envoy george mitchell's assessment of talks between israel and palestinians. the pope has described the uk as a third-world country. welcome to "bbc world news" -- broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also of around the globe. coming up later for you, against a backdrop of st. protests, france's lower house passes the bill which raises the retirement age from 60 to 62, and hope for track and chile's miners. -- trapped miners. a new arrival lists some of the gloom -- lifts some of the gloom. hello to you. millions of people across central and western africa are going hungry. yes, the numbers are in the millions. the worst of the country is even larger than the states of california and texas together, but with a population of just 15 million. delta been flooding of ruined crops, and some help has arrived, but it has not been enough. we have this special report. >> according to the united nations, development terms, it is the world's poorest nation. for the past year, the united nations has been appealing to the internation
it will be the new prince george's county executive. yields on what margin against its closest competitor, prince george's county sheriff michael jackson. baker told supporters he is ready to lead. >> prince george's county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in an innovation, first in integrity, and first in public safety. >> he went on to say that he believes it's time to make a good county great. former maryland gov. bob ehrlich won the chance to try to get his old job back. the defeated brian murphy in the republican primary. that sets him up for a rematch with martin o'malley, who easily won the democratic primary. log on to tbd.com similar results. more election results. >>> thousands of voters cast early ballots before yesterday's primary. even taking that into consideration, the turnout was still light. >>> still ahead, continuing coverage of tuesday's primaries and we will talk about the power of the tea party. >> and a college football first. reggie bush makes a dramatic decision about his heisman trophy. >> another check on your traffic
. for the d.c. incumbent at large, he beat out mhael brown and clark ray. and prince george's county, baker beat out four other opponents including sheriff michael jackson, with 55% of the vote. elaine reyes joins us where baker is holding a press conference this midday. >> reporter: a lot of smiles this morning, baker has a substantial lead. most ofhe night last night. he all, there is no republican candidate in the race. now, making a good county great was the slogan. richard baker is a former delegate who ran for prince george's county. he has promised to improve the systems, and make the county government more responsive. the results came in slow last night because of technical difficulties, that didn't stop the bakecamp from celebrating. >> i think the people have spoken. i think the message was loud and clear. prince george's county, i is time to make a good county great. >> reporter: baker walking in the roo as we speak. going ahead and listen to his remarks as they take place. >> how is everyone doing this morning? did you get a lot of sleep? i know i didn. thank you for being here
, montgomery and prince georges, if you look at life science and technology, that's the future of this economy, and we need to make that transition. we won't make it by running away from it. we make it by making investments in education, affordable college and the things that make us a competitive state economically so we can create jobs. >> reporter: money is tight. everybody knows that across the country. if you win in november, any predictions on when the corner can be turned for education and all the kind of funding efforts. >> none of us has a crystal ball, but i can tell you thshgs for the first halff this year, we've been creating jobs at twice the rate of the nation, and we've had our schools, we've been able to protect record investments in our public education, our public schools and they've 99 named now two years in a row in the toughest of times. he made no tough choice and is we were slapping backwards in easier times. >> reporter: thank you, big winner here for the democratic. back to you. >> head to myfoxdc.com for up to the minute results throughout the night. words alone aren'
and will be the winner for prince george's county executive. he holds a wide margin against its closest competitor, mike jackson, the shares. baker told supporters he is ready to lead. >> prince george's county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in innovation, first in integrity, and first in public safety. >> baker went on to say it is time to make a good county great. >>> former maryland gov. bob ehrlich won the chance to try to get his old job back. he defeated brian murphy in the republican primary. that sets him or for a rematch with incumbent gov. martin o'malley, who easily won the democratic primary. for complete election results, log on to tbd.com, the online home of abc 7 news. >>> the light turnout has election officials surprised. thousands of people cast their ballots before yesterday's primary. even taking that into consideration, turnout throughout our area was still very light. >> still ahead on wednesday, continuing coverage of tuesday's primary. we will talk about the power of the tea party. >> a college football first. heisman trophy
in a .ot of them today >> the two top delegates for county executive in prince george's county, brad bell is live with the latest. >> we are outside a polling place here and have not heard of any problems with the touch screen of voting machines they use. things have been going quite smoothly. they have not really been pressured. we have not seen a lot of voter turnout. >> the buzz around prince george's county today is that so far there seems to be very little buzz. turn out is low, even for an off year election. at one middle school it was considered about half of what was considered normal. those who did vote said they would not even dream of staying home. >> our voices counted. that is why i'm here. >> this year is an important election for prince georgians. they are voting for a new sheriff and at the top of the ticket, a new candid -- a new county executive. baker is a former delegate, making his third run for executive. >> i feel good about where things are going. i think it is going to be good. >> mike jackson has twice successfully run for sheriff and is looking to transition int
of the exchequer of the british government, george osborne. about his efforts to create an austerity program to reduce the deficit. >> the biggest risk facing the british economy is a, sent out there that we had a government that was unable to deal with the budget deficit. that a major-- now what which want to see, of course, is growth. and you know, at the moment we are seeing growth in the british economy. but i want to see growth in the british economy going forward but it has to be sustainable growth. that means reassuring people we can pay our way in the world and it also means a private look-- led recovery. >> from london for the hour, george osborne. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications >> from london a special edition of charlie rose. >> rose: george osborne is britain's chancellor of the exchequer, that means he is equiv lant to the finance ministers. prior to taking this job he served as a conservative member of parliament and a key political advisor to now prime minister david cameron. as chancellor he has launched
. over its deportation of the roma minority. it's jail for george, the troubled pop star is sentenced to 8 weeks for crashing his car under the influence of cannabis. >> welcome to pbs in america. also around the globe. coming up later. young country, growing problem. what happens when india's baby boomers grow old. and the secrets hidden until the day she dies. >> hello it's not often see the european union, and describes france's deportation of gip sees in breech of the ue law. and they were forced to romania. >> the support from gavin hewitt. >> over a hundred have been cleared and a thousand romas have been expelled and put on planes to romania. >> today the european union used enprecedented language to rebuke one of its most powerful states >> this is a digrace. >> the commissioner said there was paralleling with world war ii >> this is a situation i would thought europe would not have to witness again after the second world war. >> enough is enough. >> the french government says the roma are actually given 300 euros each when they leave the county >> france is a proud founding
washington, mid-60s. low 60s prince george' county. arlington, fairfax and montgomery near 60 degrees. good weather across maryland for the election. it's in the low 60s and upper 50s on the eastern shore inhe mountains of western maryland and west viinia. near 60 this morning. a few high clouds drifting from the northwest. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine today. a few high clouds fm time to time. highs reaching the low 80s. a bit of a northwest breeze. tomorrow more of the same although a bit cooler. a chance for rain moving in after sunset, thursday evening and rush hour friday morning and drying out after that. how is the tuesday traffic? >> tom, good morning. good morning, everyone. starting off quiet and dry. good visibility this morning. unlike yesterday. interstate 66 yesterday this time was shrouded in fog. not the case this morning. moving along nicely. germantown along i-270 southbound around the bend to 118. so far so good as we get under way. >> well, thank you, jerry. >> today voters will decide prince george's cnty executive. it is expected to be a highly competitive race. >
for that seat it came down to eric wargots and rutledge. looking at races in prince georges county the major race there for the democratic nomination for county executive. baker is claiming the nomination over current county sheriff michael jackson. gary was with baker and he has more. >> i am in prince georges county where three times was the charm for baker who succeeded in his attempt to secure the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive, leading by a comfortable margin. his closest opponent michael jackson. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in invasion first in integrity and first in public safety. >> reporter: it was like a rock show when baker finished his remarks. they wouldn't let him off the stage. at times it seemed he would be crowd surfing. this group of supporters pleased he secured the nomination. >> in other prince georges county races -- the race for prince georges county sheriff is a close one. the candidates are neck and neck. in montgomery county, republican will face the democra
is poed to be the next county executive of prince george's county. thank you for joining us for news 4 today. >>> goomorning to you. on this tuesday, the 14th of september. let's take a live look outside. still dark. going to be dark almost another hour or so. 65 degrees outside. no fog like we had yesterday. looks like a low lying band of fog. >> beautiful morning. good morning for this election day 2010 for this primary election day. many schools are closed in maryland. temperatures right now, near 60 across much of virginia. mid and upper 50s district of columbia, mid-60s right near the bay and atlantic beaches. radar scanning the sky. >>> well, the race for mayor of the district could be decided today. voters head to the polls t get the ballots in the mayoral democratic primary. mayor adrian fenty is locked in a heated battle with vincent gray. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at the bell multicultural high school where residents will begin voting in less than an hour now. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning. very quiet right now. in about an hour the doors open at all the
>>> good morning, america. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, september 3rd. and we have breaking news overnight. hurricane earl smashes against the carolinas. 105-mile-per-hour winds. waves up to 30 feet high. flooding the outer banks. the storm threatens to swamp beaches all the way to maine. >>> eastern long island and massachusetts are next in its path. and will face hurricane conditions within 24 hours. sam leads our team of correspondents, live from the storm zone. >>> also breaking overnight, a suspicious package grinds miami's airport to a halt. the bomb squad called in, as thousands of travelers are evacuated and a suspect is arrested. >>> and not again. another oil rig explosion in the gulf, flinging 13 oil workers into the water. an eerie reminder of the deadly bp disaster. what went wrong this time? >>> you see the surf there. hello, everyone. we hope you're set for a fun labor day weekend. robin is starting hers a little early. it's nice to have elizabeth vargas here with us. welcome back from your vacation. >> thank you. we were j
electricity in montgomery unty, prince george's county and the district. bge reports about a little over 500 without power. dominion reports nearly 200 without power in northern virginia. >> here's a look at what the storm system has already done else where. the remains of tropical storm nicole dumped heavy rain in southeast north carolina. the rain is putting a strain on area rivers and streams already overflowing. some roads are impassable becse of deep water. >>> i-270 is open again after that terrible and deadly crash involving a tour bus. all northbound lanes were closed for hours, after the bus, carrying children and their parents, plunged off an hov flyover ramp and rolled down a hill coming to rest just inches from the very busy interstate. the 66-year-old bus driver was killed and at least dozen people were injured. they are all pected to be okay, though. doctors who treated the victims say this accident could have been much worse. >> actually the thing that stands out about this accident is the fall seems pretty significant. the mechanism, the physics behind it. i'm surprise that t
of the matter. u.s. middle east envoy george mitchell's assessment of the talks between israelis and palestinians. a senior vatican official describes the uk as a third world country. he has pulled out of the pope's statement. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america, also run the globe. coming up later, outside, the streets ring with protests. inside, france's lower house passes the bill which will raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, and serving therapy. can riding a wave help you call for mental health problems? public service is putting in health care money to find out. hello to you. millions -- yes, millions -- of people are going hungry at this moment across central and western africa. the worst affected country is niger, a country even larger than the united states of california and texas together, but with a population of just 15 million. the drought's amid flooding of ruined crops. help has not been enough. we go to niger for this special report. >> according to the united nations, in development terms, niger is the world's poorest nation. for the past year, the unite
threatened by the murder of israeli settlers. hello, welcome to "gmt." years ago, when george bush invaded iraq, he said it would unlocked the middle east peace process. now it is up to barack obama, the man that opposed that war, to prove the point. he declared an end to combat operations in iraq and tomorrow, thursday, he will oversee direct talks between israelis and palestinians for the first time in years. laura? >> barack obama campaign to end what he called a rash more back in 2002, even before it started. last night, 7.5 years from the same tack, barack obama said that combat operations were drawing to a close. steve has the details. >> iraq was not his fight, he called it a dumb more. after seven years, five months, and 13 days, it fell to barack obama -- rod obama to tell america that it was over. >> tonight i am announcing that operation iraqi freedom is over. the iraqi people now have lead response ability for the security of their country. >> he hopes that that will cheer a war-weary nation counting the cost. three-quarters of $1 trillion, thousands of american lives. >> we be
, george mitchell. our correspondent was there. >> this is the city of peace as it calls itself or maybe it should be called the city of analyst peace talks. israeli and palestinian leaders met for the second time in two weeks after two years of silence. hillary clinton was there person to persuade and it to cajole as the united states fights to keep up the momentum. she is eager to talk up the prospects to silence and the doubters. it george mitchell gave a good assessment after the first session of talks. >> all of us reaffirm our commitment to reaching a shared goal for the just, lasting, and lasting peace. >> -- proper peace. >> the issue that is sticking is the settlements. the palestinians are threatening to walk away unless there is no more settlements. the israelis say this is not possible. the prime minister is pinned in by a coalition pressing him not to give ground. how much progress is made on the issue has not emerged. the parties have sat together for two long sessions and will return to jerusalem for more talks tomorrow. so, no big announcements and the best anyone can hop
'm glad to report that my law office's main office is in san francisco. george, who is the leading -- one of the leading vocal ponents to this sent out an email that you may have seen that says, our new shipping and billing address is our address in berkeley. so apparently, their money is going outside the city. to stay with george for a moment. when the planning commission scrutinized george, the owner was quite clear to say, one, we're an international tourist destination, and two, our customers are loyal, they're not going anywhere else. so it's hard for george to say they're hurt when at the same time they say our customers will stay with us. so then the question we've been hearing from some of you over this is, what about the competitive impacts? and is formula retail about having no competition or not? and i was struggling with this so i tried to think, i canvass today a colleague of mine who used to work for one of the city's former antitrust lawyers, grandfather of one of your members, joe aiollo, and he said competition is not bad, what's bad is bad competition. if you have someo
of election fraud in prince george's county, ballots sent to residents telling them who to vote for. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. turns out those ballots are bogus. election confusion for the voters at the very least. as fox 5's trisha thompson explains they could also be illegal. >> reporter: candidates obvious hand out ballots before they go to the polls. this year martin o'malley handed out a sample ballot of who the governor is endorsing. but a very similar-looking ballot making its way through prince george's county. and some candidates say it is all wrong. >> reporter: angela says she knew something was wrong as soon as it arrived at her parents's office. >> it has me listed as a candidate for state's attorney as well as for the court. >> on the official sample ballot the democratic party has endorsed her for states' attorney. that's the reality ballot on the left. the fake one is on the right. and it looks very similar. buildup she -- but she says it is the details that give it away. >> the worst part is this is an illegal document. it lists citizens for change. no such
suv collided with an ambulance in prince george's county. inveigators say the suv was headed the wrong way down marlboro heights when the crash happened. megan mcgrath is live on the scene now with the latest. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. this was a violent crash. take a look behind me here. you can see the ambulance that was struck and it's just down the road a ttle bit. you can see the suv that is now up on its roof, flipped upside down here this happened a little bit afr midnight. police say the ambulance had just left the firehouse on a call. they were headed down marlboro pike when all of a sudden an suv crossed the center line and was actually poised totrike the ambulance head-on. now the driver of the ambulance swerved to try to get out of the way, the suv struck the side of the ambulance. it missed th cab where the two paramedics were seated but it did rip open the patient compartment of the ambulance. the suv then continued down marlboro pike for a short distance, hit a brick wall, hit a utility pole and then flipped over onto its roof. three people ins
beat mayor fenty. in prince georges county baker is declaring victory in the county executive race but no official reports result. and nationwide, at least two key wince for the conservative tea party movement. again the top headline is a shake-up in the district. vincent gray rode a wave of discontent of victory in the democratic primary. with 90% of the precincts counted, gray grabs 53% of the vote. fenty got 45%. kristin fisher has more on the race that didn't end until four hours ago. kristin? >> i know. crazy. this race wasn't called until around 2:00 this morning and gray didn't even stand up to give his victory speech until a half hour later. so a very late night for everyone involved. for all of the campaign workers here at his headquarters to the candidate himself [cheering and applause] vince gray took the stage around 2:30 this morning at his primary night headquarters. the washington hotel. this victory virtually assures that gray will be the city's next mayor. he face thousand republican challengers and fenty said he would not be a where in candidate. it felt like an e
, and the history behind this itself. >> students came from george washington, and it was wonderful to have them on a panel. people from the school board, those who have been painting for years, some conservative errors from the getty. to have them tell us about the works of their school was important. it represents african-american artists to during the 20's and 30's used an incredible body of work. it is one of the most incredible works of art in the city, bar none. it is a huge mural of incredible works. >> the san francisco civic arts collection has been in existence since the turn of the century. it consists of everything from monument to golden gate park to market street, other works in the collection, from the wpa era, the quite tower, the works from the george washington high school. we have the contemporary education, where they depict some of the vocational arts that were taught at george washington high school. what is interesting is the artist's and corp. of some of the --
know you are appall by that. >> i am appalled this is very nasty for our future. as george bernard shaw says the government that relies on peter to pay paul can always get the support of paul. we are getting more and more pauls in america soon the majority will vote them services free stuff this is an awful message. >> bill: 15, 16, 17% of americans who are receiving taxpayer benefits? >> if you include social security and medicare it is higher. >> bill: you don't because you pay into. >> you get more than you pay in. >> bill: it depends on how long you live. you believe these people are bad? >> i think these policies are bad. they encourage dependency. 99 weeks of unemployment we just extended it. a third of the people find a job the week their unemployment stops. >> bill: wow, i didn't foe that. >> it is an invitation not to work. >> bill: it is an invitation to laziness. john stossel everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck that crazy guy alvin greene in the spotlight. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is
know you are appalled by that. >> i am appalled this is very nasty for our future. as george bernard shaw says the government that relies on peter to pay paul can always get the support of paul. we are getting more and more pauls in america soon the majority will vote them services free stuff this is an awful message. >> bill: 15, 16, 17% of americans who are receiving taxpayer benefits? >> if you include social security and medicare it is higher. >> bill: you don't because you pay into. >> you get more than you pay in. >> bill: it depends on how long you live. you believe these people are bad? >> i think these policies are bad. they encourage dependency. 99 weeks of unemployment we just extended it. a third of the people find a job the week their unemployment stops. >> bill: wow, i didn't foe that. >> it is an invitation not to work. >> bill: it is an invitation to laziness. john stossel everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck that crazy guy alvin greene in the spotlight. we'll be right back. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring roger federer and alvin greene. but fi
. in prince george's county, the race to watch is the race for county executive. we are getting reports of voting problems across the region. we have complete team coverage with brianne carter monitoring issues in prince george's county, and pamela brown has the fight to deficient in d.c.'s may laurel race. >> good afternoon. the long, contentious d.c. mayoral primary race culminates today. voters have been piling into the polling stations, including this one behind me. both vincent gray and mayor adrian fenty have been out trying to break in as many last minute votes as possible before the stations close tonight. just after doors opened in southeast d.c., vincent gray made his final pitch. >> i am the only candidate who has set forward exactly what i would do as mayor in terms of education, economic development, public safety, and the public trust. >> vincent gray has held a steady lead. >> the polls have been all over the place. we have paid more attention to the campaign we wanted to run. >> across town, mayor adrian fenty says he is fighting for every last vote he can get. >> everyw
. >> the george washington parkway southbound after 123, a deer just ran out in the roadway so be very careful if you're going to leave in the next 10-15 minutes. lingering road work on the beltway. traffic has to stay to the left. we'll take you to a live picture of traffic on the beltway in greenbelt, maryland. i saw that car on my way in broken down waiting for help to arrive. >> ok, lisa. thank you. 4:32 is your time on this tuesday. more rain moves through d.c. region. the storms that moved through last night did leave behind some damage. a tree fell on to the street at massachusetts avenue and 43rd street in washington. a 2-year-old fights for his life after being shot in the chest. police say the toddler accidentally shot himself after finding a stolen gun in an apartment in hagerstown yesterday morning. how did this happen? >> well, good morning to you. according to authorities, the young 2-year-old found gun underneath a bed and accidentally shot himself. according to police, at last check, the toddler is said to be in critical condition. >> i think it is sad. >> inside children's hos
driving a cadillac es kwa laid. we're live in both locations. we begin with george kitiyama with details on that chase that ended just moments ago. george? apparently we are having audio problems with george right now. let's go to jean elie who's on the scene of another crime scene possibly connected to the shooting. jean. >> reporter: lisa, one of two missing vallejo women lives here in this house. vallejo police and the department of justice showed up here tonight to search the house. so far investigators will only say it's a crime scene. one of several crime scenes one man is now tied to. >> this is not like mom. i mean, she doesn't do this. she's going to call me. >> reporter: joe smart and his extended family are separadespeo find carol smart. he's posting flyers working with police and private detectives dinnered to find the woman he says lived to give back to children who grew up poor like her in the philippines. >> she didn't have the chance to go to school. now she's put a bunch of kids through school in the philippines. she's good people. >> reporter: 60-year-old smart is missi
health and addiction services; paul molloy, ceo and founder, oxford house incorporated; george williams, director, community partnerships, treatment alternatives for safe communities in illinois; lonnetta albright, director, great lakes addiction technology transfer center, university of illinois at chicago, jane adams college of social work. each year, about 40 million debilitating illness or injuries occur to americans as a result of substance use disorders. dr. kirk, what have we learned recently about the science of addiction? a few points are very, very clear. one of them is that substance abuse disorders, whether its substance abuse or substance dependence, it involves changing the chemistry of the brain. and those changes impact on behavior as well as our physical activities. i think it's very, very clear from the evidence, also, that people who develop these serious disorders have lifetime conditions or chronic conditions like any other disease, diabetes and so on. and our challenge is to delay the age of first use of these - use, and secondly, view alcohol and drug dependence a
against george bush in the midterm elections on the economy. every chance he has he brings up the fact that george bush screwed up the economic policy of the country and put us in the ditch that we are in. he is praising george bush here for the mission that sort of said be accomplished. what makes this interesting to me is why is he doing this? he is doing this out of respect for the troops. you have to do that. the sacrifices that were made in the war that is being ground found must be supported retroactively. that is the body language of it. he is also making the same nation-building case in afghanistan. he sort of claim because that is what we are about in afghanistan. as far as the peaceful end, it is already been spent. it has been spent, and he has asked for more money and will ask for more more money in afghanistan. >> is he leading right on foreign policy? >> he is open toward the right. he only used the word search, as i recall, when he discussed afghanistan. he never referenced it in my memory, and george bush's surge of activity. he has asked the people, the gates in practi
maryland and what prince george's executive nominee rash dlern planned. scott warner said he was concerned his son was buriedn the wrong spot in the wake of the scandal that found many of the graves were unmarked or mislabeled. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: in america's hollowed ground, spot 60 is the final resting place for those who died in iraq. private first class heath warner was buried here in 2006. four years later, his family is at arlington to make sure their son was in the rht plot. >> it was honoring heath and make sure that he had the dignity that he was buried where we were told he was buried. >> reporter: they said they got worried in the wake of the scandal that broke in june. investigators found oh 200 graves that were unmard or mislabeled. arlington officials exhume the marine's body and the warners were able to identify their son by his distinct tattoo. >> it is a japanese kanji and it means kill evil instantly. he was a freedom fighter and it was in his heart. he had a greater love for everyone else than himself. >> reporter: this is the second time a service
governor o'malley won the democratic primary with 83% of the vote. in prince georges county, jack johnson was term limited an the winner of the democratic primary is almost certain to take his place. >> i'm in prince georges county where three times was the charm for baker who succeeded in his third attempt to secure the nomination, the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive leading by a comfortable margin. his closest opponent michael jackson. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education [ cheering ] >> first in job creation. fist in opportunity, first in invasion, first in integrity [ cheering ] and first in public safety. >> reporter: it was like a rock show when baker finished his remarks. they wouldn't let him off the stage and at times it seemed as though he would be crowd surfing this happy group of report supporters please he succeeded to get the nomination as prince georges county executive ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: staying in prince georges county in the race for state's attorney to replace glenn ivey, -- we are running race results at the botto
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is wednesday, september 8th. this morning, the fight over ground zero intensifies. the imam behind the proposed islamic center, speaks out. as that minister vows to burn korans at his florida church. new york mayor mike bloomberg weighs in. >>> president obama plans to go in his critics' backyard. we ask the speaker of the house if he has a better plan for the economy. a "gma" exclusive with republican leader, john boehner. >>> dr. oz becomes the patient, after a startling health scare. why he says dumb luck may have saved his life. here's here to talk about it for the first time. >>> and a nightmare spectacle in las vegas. the trainer let his guard down during a lion's lunch. all caught on tape. >>> good morning, everyone. and we're just days away, now, from the anniversary, the ninth anniversary of 9/11. and the imam in charge of that islamic center proposal, writing at this time, that americans should not, quote, back away from completing the project. and that florida paster is not backing down
. >>> in prince george's county a former state delegate faces off with the sheriff in the race for county executive. no likely republican challenger. today's primary vote has major implications. brianne carter is live in cheverly with more. good morning. >> good morning. if the polls open in less than an hour or at 7:00. a number of candidates are running for prince george's county county executive, however, the focus has been on the top two, rushern baker and michael jackson. after months of hitting the campaign trail, finally down to the top two candidates vying to be the next county executive in prince george's county. in tough economic times, michael jackson and rushern baker are talking jobs. >> we can build capacity for our businesses to borrow, employment, that is our focus. >> we emphasize places like new carrollton. we take stay dollars and federal dollars and development around metro stations. >> baker runs a foundation for trying to bring quality teachers to the county. but that experience had trained me to deal with problems that lie ahead for prince george's county. >> michae
. still not clear what caused the elevator toss shut down. >>> another commuter alert in prince george's county. if you take the bus you may want to make alternate plans. that's because drivers are on strike. union members are striking for better jobsecurity, improved health insurance, and changes in the discipnary changes. officials say cameras have helped improve safety and driver performance. to get the latest on what routes are affected, 301-324-2877. passengers should callthat number. >>> officials at georgetown university are investigating what they're calling several hate and bias incidents. they occurred between september 6th and 13th at two separate residence halls, now south hall and darnell halls. hitler and swastikas were written on dry erase boards. police are still looking for who may have committ those crimes. >>> a neighborhood dispute over a speed bump may have led to a murder in fairfax county in the springfield area. steven carr was found shot in his home on field master drive in springfield. his neighbor, david patton, was arrested. court documents show patton was p
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